I started this blog as way to channel some of the tips and techniques I have learnt since moving out from home (around 10 years ago) to manage my finances and to make some money on the side (note: this blog isn’t about get rich quick schemes…..as I am yet to find a legitimate one). Over the years friends have consulted me on these topics, so I thought it might be best to “jot” these down electronically resulting in this blog.

About me…

I am from Sydney, Australia, and am happily married with two young boys (hence the ozgameshop affiliate links). We are both on modest incomes, but manage to live fairly comfortably, spending money on what matters most to us. We both apply the techniques/behaviours that we have learnt/taught ourselves regarding financial management to ensure we never have to worry about bills. We have also learnt different ways to make money on the side, through savings/discounts on everyday purchases and through revenue streams (mainly online).

The blog…

This blog aims to share this knowledge with you and at worst if it saves you or makes you only an extra $5, $10, $15, $25, $50 a week then I would still consider it good use of my personal time.

Note: Please refer to the about page for more info about the blog.

I hope it is beneficial, informative and a decent read! 


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