Online shopping…

Online retail sales in Australia exceeded $20 billion in 2016 and this upward trend is expected to continue. If you are like me, other than the impulse buys, generally we go online first to do research, with particular focus on prices, before making a purchase.

While its quite easy to score a bargain through online shopping there is an additional technique that will increase your savings on top of the sales price. Sometimes this may be an additional 2 or 3%, while other times it can be several hundreds of dollars. This technique will pay you money back from the value of the purchase for over a 1,000 Australian online retailers. The website is cashrewards.

What is cashrewards…

Cashrewards is essentially a company that will pay you money to shop at selected Australian retailers. As mentioned above, cashrewards will pay you a percentage or a dollar figure based on your purchase. Again this cash back amount is in addition to any discounts already applicable to that purchase. Best of all cashrewards is free to join.

Examples (as at 26 February 2017)

  •  Cashrewards is offering up to 7.0% cashback for any purchases at Dan Murphys online store.
  • Cashrewards is offering up to 8.0% cashback on any purchase at the Microsoft online store.
  • Cashrewards is offering up to 5.0% cashback on your groceries. petrol and alcohol at Woolworths.

How to use cashrewards for your online shopping…

After you have created an account there are two main techniques to use cashrewards, which are discussed below.

Technique 1 (Chrome Extension) – RECOMMENDED

For this technique you will need to use the Google Chrome internet browser and install the Cashrewards chrome extension which is available here.

Once installed all you have to do is shop as you usually would. In other words, when you have a product in mind, do your googling, find a bargain. What you will find is that, if you do happen to go to one of over 1,000 retailers for which cashrewards has a deal you will be notified by the chrome extension (as per the screenshot below).


All you have to do is click the ‘Activate Now’ button and any purchases made at that website will be registered in your cashrewards account.

Technique 2 (via Cashrewards)

This technique is not as straightforward as technique 1, and requires a bit more effort. Essentially this technique is applied as follows:

  1. Identify the product you wish to purchase
  2. After undertaking some research identify the website that has best price for that item
  3. Go to the cashrewards website to see if that retailer is one that you would receive a cashback through cashrewards from.
  4. If the retailer or a similar retailer (that may stock the item) is available, click the ‘Go to store’ link.
  5. The cashback offer will now be activated and you can complete the purchase as usual at the retailer.

You can why the chrome extension is strongly recommended.

Note: Cashrewards does provide specific coupon offers which can be found at their website. Such offers will require to input a code at the checkout in order for the discount/cashback offer to apply. 

How soon do you receive the cashbacks and when will you get paid…

To answer this question I have provided an excerpt from the Cashrewards FAQs page.

We will update your rewards account with all eligible transactions, usually within 2 days from the date of your purchases.

If you have recently made an eligible purchase or transaction and can’t see your rewards in your account don’t worry . Rewards usually take around 2 days from date of purchase to be reported in your account as ‘Pending’. Some stores however can take up to 30 days to report ‘pending’ transactions to your account.

Rewards will change from ‘Pending’ to ‘Confirmed’ and automatically become ‘Available Cashback’ when the return period of the goods has passed and/or the transaction is verified by the stores.

The length of time from ‘Pending to Confirmed and Available’ varies from store to store and can be anywhere from 7 days to 90 days. Some rewards however may take longer to be confirmed. Travel rewards for example may not become ‘Available’ until after you have completed your travel.

‘Available’ rewards are just that , confirmed and available. If your account has an available balance over $5.01 you can get paid at any time by going to Get Paid from the My Account section of the website.


How do you get paid…

As mentioned above in the cashrewards FAQs excerpt, once your account has an available balance of over $5.01 you can seek payment from cashrewards. To do so you will need to:

  • Log into your account
  • Proceed to the ‘My Rewards’ section
  • Click ‘Get Paid’
  • Finally enter/Confirm bank details.

SFM ‘Take-away’…

Cashrewards provides a free and easy way to save extra cash when you shop online. The chrome extension essentially provides a safety mechanism to ensure you are maximising your savings/discount with no additional effort. 

Click here to join!


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