So what will SFM share regarding financial management…

Firstly, I must stress while I completed postgraduate studies at university, none of it related to financial management. So in terms of issues such as where is the stock market headed due to the Trump administration or will the real estate bubble burst, I can’t really answer such issues based on financial data, trends, patterns, modelling etc.

I can however share what I have learnt in terms of successfully managing my personal finances over many years, and not once taking on high interest debt (other than my mortgage…sure its at record lows…but i wouldn’t mind it being lower). This will include topics such as:

  • budgeting
  • investments (including for shares, growth bonds and exchange traded funds)
  • apps and tools.

My approach to financial management must be accredited to a number of excellent books, but if I were to identify just one, it would be the first edition of the Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape. A new edition was recently released in globally. Scott provides a no-nonsense approach to managing your personal finances, and he truly influenced the manner in which I approach mine. I remember reading this book in the year prior to moving out from home and I truly believe it allowed me to create a solid financial foundation that has stuck with me to this day.

Since that time, my knowledge has continued to expand through online resources, books, magazines and apps. Some of which will be discussed in this blog.


So what will SFM share regarding making money…

Lets face it, the fact that I am writing a blog and not selling a book (like The four hour work week by Timothy Feriss – which I plan to read and discuss in the coming weeks)  shows I don’t make mountains of money. While this is true, I have made enough each year (around AUD 10K)  to facilitate family holidays (including one overseas), the family dog, new electronics, toys,  and general splurge money etc. Essentially things that I would be able to save up for but it would’ve taken a lot longer to get there.

Some of the techniques this blog will discuss may only make/save you $5-$10 a week but when combined with other techniques it all adds up providing a significant surplus to your weekly/fortnightly income.

Main objectives of SFM are to…

  • Share the straight forward financial management knowledge I have gained over the years. A lot of it you may already know, but hopefully you will find one or two ‘take-aways’ that will make/save you some money
  • Share the techniques I have used to ‘find’ extra money (through saving it and ways to make it)
  • Identify/recommend apps, books, websites etc that you would lead to/provide some form of financial benefit.

Affiliate marketing, why…

You will probably notice links to certain companies on the site. These are affiliate links, a money making stream I am testing out and will review in a future blog post. The affiliate links provided will either be ones that are of interest to me personally or are relevant to future planned blog posts.