About Me

Hi… My name is Adam and welcome to my blog/site/all things money.

First thing to get out of the way is that I’m a proud cat dad, so I promise to try and keep pictures and comments of Troy (Cat) to a minimum.  They aren’t really finance related, other than the copious amount of Dreamies he can eat; the cat needs a job!

I’ve always loved all things money, how to make it and how to invest it. I’ve never been a big spender though, until I met Tamsin (Partner & Cat Mum) – she now does enough spending for the both of us.

My Finance career so far has gone like this:   I spent several years in my 20’s working as a Mortgage Adviser; in my late 20’s I qualified as a Financial Adviser. Now, in my early 30’s, I’m classed as an Independent Financial Adviser, or a Wealth Manager, or a Financial Planner (there’s lots of terms to choose from). The main part of my job is investing clients’ money to help them improve their wealth and reach their goals.

My hope for this blog is to make complicated aspects of finance straightforward (with maybe a few Dreamies analogies along the way).  To help educate you to make good decisions and to help you reach your goals. I plan on sharing what I do personally and some straightforward ideas to help improve your overall wealth.

Please see the important info sections, there are risks when investing.


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